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M-Sphere aka Markus Kaiser is born 1970 and live in Sauerland/Germany. From 84 he was bass guitarist with the Gothicrockband "Psychic Attack".He Studied first Radio&TV Engineer! a few Years later He was graduated to Dipl.Audio Engineer at the School of Audio Engineering in Cologne. from this Time he began building his Recording and Mastering studio "SP-Audiolab". From 1994 he has been on the Road as Chill out and Ambient Dj and plays his own M-Sphere Musicproductions on several Partys in the World. His Music i s influenced by the musical beginnings of the early Eighties. it has developed into a slow and grooving sound whitch is made by melodic Hooklines conveying a variey of Moods. M-Sphere fuses psychedelic Melodies, Sound Effects, Atmospheres and coninous Downbeats without leaving the Iland of Ambient Chill-out Music.


Real Name: Markus Kaiser



Audio Engineer (SAE-Cologne), Radio&TV -Engineer, Sound Masseur



Electronic Relaxation, Groovey Ambient Music, Psychedelic Thought-Surfing Tunes


since 1985:

Bassman of several Bands
PSYCHIK ATTACK (Psychedelic Rock), The Ravens (70`s Rock), Magic Tones (Fusion Rock)The Bluehounds (Flower Rock), How Many Roads (Dylan Cover), Behind The Blue (Electronic Rock/Pop), Vox Blender (alternative Rock)


since 1994:

Dj M-Sphere ( Ambient and Chillout Music) He Played his Music on several Partys and Places in the World........


since 1996:

Working as Musicproducer, Sounddesigner, Mastering Engineer


since 2000:

Owner of the SP-AUDIOlAB (Musicstudio)




since 2005:

Working as Sound and Tone Masseur for Natural Healing


since 2006:

working together with several Musik-Producer and Musicians. also working on new Soundscapes and Songs for his own M-Sphere Project. During the Summer, he was play his new Sounds on several open air Partys. (Full-Moon, Voov, Boom......)


since 2007:

Teaching "Electronic Music Producing" and "Mixing Techiques" at several Musicschools.


since 2013:

He is starting his own Label "Sphere Production"


Special THANX to all Friends, Musicians and People who met me in my Life as Musician...